1. (botany) the period or act of expansion in flowers, especially the maturing of the stamens.

By adding an ‘e’ to this, do we get a verb? Anthesise!

More from Wikipedia: Anthesis is the period during which a flower is fully open and functional.

Obviously this is ripe for the … *drum roll* … metaphorical picking.

See also, though, my earlier post on parallels between romantic love and picking orchids, which leads me to a post about how lust corrupts power, not love, and from there onto displacing the shame of impotence with our old friend, awareness. Be careful, it’s a rabbit warren in here sometimes.




An Experiment with Pronouns and Perspective



Consciousness is a witness, an observer of the mind. But we confuse consciousness with mind – we think we are the mind: i am has come to mean i am the mind. We say, ‘I think, therefore i am.’ It’s Descartes’ fault – not mine!

A new pronoun is needed, so that we can begin to move away from conflating ‘i’ with consciousness: i is not consciousness; i is the mind; consciousness is consciousness. From now on, consciousness is represented by the symbol ‘!’.

In our current usage, ‘i’ is too much loaded with mind-identification, and we tend to think consciousness is of the mind – the two are conflated and it’s confusing. Sometimes we talk about something like ‘collective consciousness’ if we want to refer to that consciousness that transcends the individual human mind, but this term is also too much loaded with ideas about groups made up of yet-separate individuals when really, the term ‘consciousness’ should be enough to imply collective consciousness.

So i’m experimenting with alternative pronouns for making a distinction between the mind-made ‘i’ and consciousness – for now, a symbol, because i don’t want to coin some new word, words being too much loaded with ideas from our linguistic intellect.

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