awareness, personality and illuminating our individual nature

an experiment in looping comments with posts

I posted yesterday about behaviour: acceptance vs justification, and in response to this comment from Egi-RaZoRZ, i wrote:

I like how this reply loops around and around itself … ellipses itself? Because of course neither justification nor acceptance could or should precede or succeed the other, and one is not more important or right or wrong than the other. I guess i just feel a tendency to justify sometimes, and i feel this gets in the way of acceptance — when a tendency develops, the way we respond to our own behaviour can become unbalanced, and therefore unhealthy and unprogressive. Acceptance and awareness can shed light on such a tendency and help us to move on.

Conscious behaviour — that is a whole other thing, if by conscious you mean wilful or intentional. I guess i was referring to unconscious behaviour — to tendencies. I have long wondered about the meaning of “behaviour”: is it an expression of personality, and therefore not representative of an individual’s real nature? Can the light of awareness dispel personality and allow us to act from our individual nature?

Egi-RaZoRZ had commented:

But I think that conscious behavior is (or should be, anyway) in a way a psychological mirror of your own self… Also, justifying something in a sane way would give it a logical meaning, which is nothing wrong, I guess, in addition to the final stage which is the acceptance of it. Maybe I got it all wrong. Oh well, maybe. ^^

If you have trouble justifying something, it does not mean it is wrong. Maybe it is simply beyond the necessity to do so! Which is also a good thing, I’d guess. 🙂

Something else about yesterday’s post, in which i wrote “I’m not sure why i keep thinking and talking in terms of dichotomies lately (this vs that)”:

during an exchange with a friend on Facebook i was directed to consider theosophy after i expressed an interest in gnosis (direct experience of “god”), and through reading about theosophy i found some stuff about non-dualism, which i have always valued in a latent sort of way — i suspect that i have been wondering about dichotomies so much lately because in my spiritual practice i am increasingly sensing an absence of Separation, whereas dualism asserts and informs a belief in Separation.

So yeah, that happened.


I recently started using this term ‘psychospirituality’ when i realised in The Path of Love that i want to explore how i can use the richness of my intellect to deepen my experience of the divine by learning how to navigate and experience my psychology with new awareness.

I asked one of the PoL facilitators about the term, whether it’s already in usage or whatever, and he told me it’s a term that’s generally used on the “new age” circuit, and my immediate reaction was That’s a shame, because the new age crowd cop a bit of flak a lot of the time, for being all airy-fairy and namby-pamby and up in the clouds, while their (our) detractors would say they need to get real and start being more pragmatic … get a haircut, get a job … all that sort of bollox.

Well, i want to reappropriate the term “psychospirituality” for what it means to me, this combination of understanding our psychology using our intellect and working to incorporate that understanding in the way we experience the divine. I want to explore psychology to see if it enhances my spirituality.

The term ‘experience’ is key, because we know we can’t understand the divine with our minds, but if we can understand our psychology a little more, then we may be able to push through psychological experiences of resistance that might otherwise block us from the divine if we don’t know what’s going on psychologically (and physiologically).

For example, it could be important to know that if i experience a debilitating shortness of breath during some physically intensive meditation practice, this physiological response may be triggered by a psychological resistance, and if i know this it becomes more possible that i can push through that resistance using some physical technique that unblocks me psychologically, thereby opening the door winder to the divine.

So i’m excited about being put on to this contemporary “psychospiritual” teaching called The Diamond Approach, which is described in terms that pretty much exactly match what i was thinking about exploring:

The Diamond Approach is a contemporary teaching that developed within the context of awareness of both ancient spiritual teachings and modern depth psychological theories; hence the perspective of this teaching recognizes the inherent synthesis between the spiritual and the psychological domains of experience. The spiritual and the psychological can be separated only in theory, for in experience they are two dimensions of the same human consciousness. Recognizing this truth makes it possible to approach the path to inner realization informed with modern psychological knowledge, and thus allows the process of understanding one’s psychological experience to open one’s consciousness to the deeper truths of our spiritual nature.

Wham bam, thank you Ma’am … this is exactly the dragon i’ve been chasing.

peeking into shadow work

I am profoundly excited about the prospect i have encountered of entering into shadow work at last. I encountered this term a while ago through a seeker friend and i find it interesting now that i guess i kind of ignored it, but more recently i have also encountered some powerful practices that can take us into our shadow safely, and out the other side into light.

I am now cautiously beginning to research psychology in my haphazard way, and i am newly curious about how i can take such intellectual understanding into meditation in the hope that i can more directly experience these psychological phenomena described by the likes of Jung and Freud.

I don’t want to just learn about psychology—i want to plumb the depths of my own psychology, my ego structure and the other mechanisms of the mind that can hold us in this state of separation from our being,

because it seems clear to me now that only the light of awareness can displace the shadow.

Wow, just writing this brings to my eyes those tears of opening to the divine, those tears that mingle sadness with joy and come from the feeling you’re on the right track, yeah!