Starting to Breathe, Part I

a rambling five-part exploration of how spiritual healing must complement lifestyle changes that will facilitate spiritual healing – the Introduction is here

Fits and Starts

There is a new comb. It can be used without reference to the ‘i’. There was a festival, and there is an OSHO commune on Lesvos, Greece. Here, there and now, there is an alternative way of living. It is the way of light, of love, of uncontrollable and inexplicable laughter: laughter that bubbles up from the well-spring of a healthy spirit.

I have been experimenting with writing without reference to the ‘i’, to the ego, but it is proving difficult – it feels detached from reality, disembodied. Maybe it’s too much for now, because the thing is i’m still attached to my sense of ‘i’, to a sense that things happen to me, or that i do things.

It’s complicated. I’ve been reading Eckhart Tolle again, A New Earth. He has a lot to say about how we invest a sense of self in objects, things, people, whatever – things that ultimately exist outside ourselves, and are not us. And i have obviously been reading and listening to Osho, who has a lot to say about witnessing, about that part of our consciousness that can observe our ego, thereby separating us from what Eckhart would call the mind-made self – a way to start moving toward liberation.

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Bir Dil Bir Insan

“Bir dil bir insan” is a Turkish proverb meaning “one language, one human” and implying that when you learn a second language you become two humans.

Extrapolating from this affirms my belief that if we share one language we begin to live as One, as a single expression of unified humanity. When we begin to live as a single expression of unified humanity we begin to move toward Understanding, where differences are no longer problems but expressions of diversity, opportunities to live a vibrant life in harmony with one another.

When i posted this, auto-correct got one by me and changed “insane” to “insane” … which wouldn’t be the first time insanity was aligned with the concept of humanity.