the sleep of the awakened

I like to take my time, you know – go slow, or as slow or as fast as is required of the moment. Right now i am slowly drinking a beer on a balcony in Istanbul! Soon i will hustle for a bus, then i will slowly watch a movie about the acceleration of ascension we are currently experiencing as the human race awakens and the universe continues to expand. Then we will sleep the sleep of the awakened.

Starting to Breathe, Part I

a rambling five-part exploration of how spiritual healing must complement lifestyle changes that will facilitate spiritual healing – the Introduction is here

Fits and Starts

There is a new comb. It can be used without reference to the ‘i’. There was a festival, and there is an OSHO commune on Lesvos, Greece. Here, there and now, there is an alternative way of living. It is the way of light, of love, of uncontrollable and inexplicable laughter: laughter that bubbles up from the well-spring of a healthy spirit.

I have been experimenting with writing without reference to the ‘i’, to the ego, but it is proving difficult – it feels detached from reality, disembodied. Maybe it’s too much for now, because the thing is i’m still attached to my sense of ‘i’, to a sense that things happen to me, or that i do things.

It’s complicated. I’ve been reading Eckhart Tolle again, A New Earth. He has a lot to say about how we invest a sense of self in objects, things, people, whatever – things that ultimately exist outside ourselves, and are not us. And i have obviously been reading and listening to Osho, who has a lot to say about witnessing, about that part of our consciousness that can observe our ego, thereby separating us from what Eckhart would call the mind-made self – a way to start moving toward liberation.

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Melbourne’s New Anti-freedom Law

After reading about the recent protests in Istanbul after the death of Berkin Elvan,

i was appalled to find that the anti-protest laws have passed in Melbourne, Australia,

a city i once considered my second home.

This, especially, smacks of a move against freedom of association:

The change will also allow the courts to issue an exclusion order preventing those repeatedly told to move on from entering a particular public space for up to 12 months. The maximum penalty for breaching an exclusion order is two years’ imprisonment.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Paradigm Shifts

a long thought from the depths of night
about the change occurring when we cannot sleep

28 January 2014
Hale’s kitchen

I cannot sleep, and i suspect it has something to do with a major shift that is underway in me at the moment

because my mind is again dominated by grandiose thoughts of the future.

So i am sitting in Hale’s kitchen smoking cigarettes and writing this by the light of my headtorch, socks on the ground.

I gave up smoking cigarettes but i have started again: i have allowed one insidious decision to become many pervasive ones

but i don’t really mind—

this is reminiscent of my earlier days when i would smoke and drink and get high and i would chase my fancies into the early hours of the morning before going to work to fall asleep in staff meetings.

That actually happened only once and is not quite the point:

the point is i have been taken away by my fancies and i cannot sleep,

or will not sleep—

i think the latter precedes the former, which makes me remember again that i do not know where my mind begins and i end,

but that is not the point either.

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Dorm Lyfe

I now have a six-bed dormroom to myself so i have setup a little meditation patch between the beds.

There was an Italian guy here before who would return at 6 am to spend the day snoring sleep gas into the room.

So my new beeswax earplugs feel somewhat superfluous, but they smell nice and it’s interesting to meditate with earplugs because it makes it easier to focus on the aural sensation of the breath moving around the head.

I have resumed a regular meditation practice of usually 10–20 minutes twice a day.

During the sittings lately i have been having these wonderful clunk moments where suddenly my spirit seems to open right up and my body finally allows me to get in a deep, whole, centering breathe and a sense of peace fills the space thus created.

Throughout the day i feel a pull toward this space—a yearning to get back to it, but also a sense of attraction that comes from being always connected to it, as planets are connected by gravity.

It’s a wonderful place to be, and all the more empowering for having achieved it on the move at a guesthouse in Istanbul, where the energy is somewhat frenetic but, granted, peaceful also.

I could really move in here, as i settle in for the night with Elif Shafak on the eReader.