bangin at the heart of art

camped outside the library
like a lazy hobo cunt,
rapt in layers boots and cant
because im homeless outside heart

camped outside the library
where the mental labour grinds
rapt in layers books and cant
left outside the hearth of heart

art art art

the so-called medical dis#ease we call de-pression, actual , is a consequence of sup-pression and re-pression of ex-pression. it seems obvious now, and anti-de-pressant, a double negative, feels like double Bullshit more than it already was. by making us feel less, we know less how to express our pain, how to move into freedom from moods and over-re-action, another doubs neg

if that was obvious before etymology: depress, “to press down”; suppress, “to be burdensome;
put down by force or authority”; repress, “to check, restrain; hold back, curb” your enthusiasm to express, “represent in visual arts; put into words,” from Old French espresser, “press, squeeze [one] out; speak one’s mind”

to be depressed is to feel your enthusiasm has been curbed by either internal or external  forces, that is all. expression displaces all of the above, so the only thing for it is to squeeze one out – go on, do a big fart. i double dare ya