At some point i realised i had become an essayist – the compulsion to write fiction had waned and the non-fiction i was writing for various places (editorials for Voiceworks and book reviews for around the place) had introduced me to a new way of expressing ideas more directly and immediately.

I resisted for a while, but i now enjoy immersing myself in the meandering flow of our incessant ideation and arriving at thoughts i had not known i would have.

Here are some links to essays i have had published elsewhere:

  • ‘Trafficking Human Rights: Promoting “Prerequisite” Rights In Southeast Asia’ was published in Right Now, an online human-rights journal from Melbourne, Australia.
  • ‘A Disconcerting Silence in Cambodia’ was published in Asia Times Online about the state of the publishing industry in Cambodia while i was there on an AsiaLink residency
  • ‘An Angry Young Critic’ was published in one of Emerging Writers’ Festival’s annual publications, the Reader
  • ‘Dear Reader, Do You Want to Hear the Answer?’ was published in another issue of Emerging Writers’ Festival’s annual publication, the Reader
  • “You’re the Voice” is an essay i wrote for if:book Australia—as far as i know, it is the only essay in existence which quotes, in full, the lyrics of John Farnham’s classic hit

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