evolving consciousness is our primary duty

Something else from the Collective Evolution post about expanding consciousness:

Enlightenment is simply the process of remembering who we truly are, and why we are here. The soul will require many lives to completely remember itself, and what it truly is. By living and experiencing each day, we are all gaining experiences and moving closer to englightenment.

And an interesting persepctive on the source of ego, no less. I don’t really buy into the whole puppet-master-mind theory, which seems to imply that our leaders have a degree of capacity I just haven’t seen them demonstrate – such speculation about human intelligent design just doesn’t feel convincing for me, but I guess argument is not directed at people who are familiar with feeling conviction, which obviously feels like a contradiction, yep.

Conspiracy theories aside, this film left me all zen about the feeling that personal change at a consciousness level is the primary and most-effective means for effecting change in the world – from internal to external.

The way i scribbled it down late last night after the lunar eclipse: the clip from CE reminded me 1.) if we are going through cycle after cycle until we awaken to who we are and this iteration is just unevolved, and 2.) our main purpose is to evolve enough to come home to our original source, the ideal condition, and 3.) enlightenment is just remembering who we are, then 4.) all we need to do is pursue home inside ourselves.

Sounds easy enough!

It’s a view Osho reminded me of, and which he goes into at length in his talk about meditation being the greatest charity. You can find the talk here as an eBook, or try downloading it here as an audio talk. I don’t know which file it is here, as i haven’t downloaded them all from here myself yet, but that audio link is to the full series of talks called The Rebellious Spirit, yep!

There is a quote from Einstein at the end, which I suspect is edited from the original, but whatever:

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

We all know it. So let’s do it.

Osho on reincarnation


enlightened master

It is neither true nor false. It is a device; it is a device to help people.

You cannot understand the language of freedom, but you can understand the language of fear. Freedom cannot be said to you, but fear – yes, you can understand that. Death you can understand, you cannot understand life. So he says the day of judgement is coming near. And Jesus says, “There is only one life. Once lost, lost for ever.” That’s why Jesus never used the Indian device of reincarnation.

All the three religions born in the West – Jews, Mohammedans, Christians – they have never used the Indian device. All the religions born in the East – Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism – they have all used the device of reincarnation. The situations were different. I will tell you why they used the device. And when people come to me and ask me, “Is reincarnation a true doctrine?” I sa, “Po.” It is neither true nor false. It is a device; it is a device to help people.


romantic love

Dad would like Osho

Dad would like Osho

My dad taught me something like the above quote from Osho: Dad was an orchid fanatic, and he used to drag us around the Adelaide Hills and say, “The only thing you should leave in the bush is footprints, and the only think you should take out is photographs.” Dad would like Osho if he knew that he has this to say about flowers.

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