an open letter to @jessethanley

CCing @tryarchie

Hi Jesse,

Do you have some bot favouriting tweets for you? Something like @tryarchie?

I did try Archie, and for a while it seemed it was just an empty white screen, spinning away. Eventually i realised what was happening, and before i knew it the application had favourited some 8000 tweets on my behalf.

My bad — i should have read the About section. I left the application running for a while and started getting followers from “nowhere” — i guess some of them were following me after Archie had favourited one of their tweets for me.

I started getting tweets from “randoms” — “thx 4 the fav”, and that sort of thing. I would check out their profile and find we had nothing in common beyond the incidental use of the same #hastag.

When i started getting favourites from you when i tagged my posts #digitalnomad, i thought i was encountering a genuine fellow Australian digital nomad, but i began to see in my notifications that your favourites were appearing on my phone, but disappearing from my web notifications —

you are like a ghost.

I see you have some 16K favourites, and i understand you’re working on Lean Team, so presumably your exploring some automated way of attracting followers to your account.

I am curious about your motives and intentions, because it seems like a kind of phony way to “engage” Twitter users with your account, but you don’t seem to be inherently a phony guy. I don’t know.

Twitter has changed a lot since i was first using it a few years ago, and since then i have become (perhaps inordinately) interested in authenticity — i sincerely feel that being authentic is an important characteristic of being a man.

So if you’re into that sort of thing as well, please let me know where you’re at. I’m sure you’re onto a good thing, but i’m curious about the effect it’s having on Twitter users everywhere — when i started getting those “thx 4 the fave” messages i felt kind of bad that these individuals were engaging with me on a human level as a consequence of some bot i had let loose on their account.

Do you know what i mean?

I look forward to hearing from you.



On Becoming a Sannyasin: An open letter to my friends

you are a soul

you are a soul


Dear Mum,

for you are all my mother, including you, Dad, we are all Mother Earth,

i have a minor public announcement to make about irony, because nothing ever means what we think it means, or what we intend it to mean. If we have intention behind some thing we are trying to convey, then the meaning is already skewed and we are lost, screwed.

It sounds esoteric, but it’s not, because something esoteric can be understood only by an enlightened few, and we are many, the enlightened.

We are all enlightened—we just don’t know it yet, because we have not yet realised.

But we will realise, and that’s what this announcement is about, this open letter to Mum and Dad and all my other friends, all of you.

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My Open Letter to Dad on The Good Men Project

I am very pleased to announce The Good Men Project have published my open letter to Dad, which i originally published here.

The Good Men Project is a fantastic website full of regular content about what is obvious from the title – they are having “the conversation no one else is having”, and they are doing so by exploring a very interesting contributor-evangelist system:

much of the content is written by readers (for free in exchange for access to their considerable audience and promotion mechanisms), who then obviously go and tell their whole network of family and friends about it.

Check it out – it feels wonderful to have found a community of earnest men (and women) who want to just chat about how to live well as a male in the twenty-first century.