anxiety is not a disease—complacency is

Anxiety is less like a disease of delusion and more like a viral over-compensation to complacency, which is the real delusion. 

Anxiety is an indication you know something inexplicable is not right in our troubled world. 

Find a way to be the solution and your anxiety will dissipate. I speak from experience. 

LIP Underpants

I want to start a movement for location-independent professionals (LIP) who like to work in their underpants, but i soiled my one pair of underpants when i was weeping before. Can i borrow yours? It may be difficult to get sponsorship if i cannot actually demonstrate this cutting-edge lifestyle practice.

space cowboy promote

I found my passport. I left it at the shop, like a true space cadet.

Does finding my passport warrant a promotion from space cadet, or was that warranted by the misplacement itself?

And what comes after space cadet anyway? Space cowboy!?

I hope it’s space cowboy! Maybe then i will stop going everywhere without a cigarette lighter.

the sleep of the awakened

I like to take my time, you know – go slow, or as slow or as fast as is required of the moment. Right now i am slowly drinking a beer on a balcony in Istanbul! Soon i will hustle for a bus, then i will slowly watch a movie about the acceleration of ascension we are currently experiencing as the human race awakens and the universe continues to expand. Then we will sleep the sleep of the awakened.


I am so blessed to have a mother who supports me totally and who works hard to understand me as i go full tilt into healing here in Greece, so far away from home but still so connected to her.

For mothers everywhere, get the word ‘philogyny’ in your lexicon: the belief that women are the saviours of humankind, no less.