friends be bangin

I am truly blessed by the presence of legitimately awesome friends in my life. I’m not from around this town we call c://maine, but i have been welcomed here and together we are forging a village, allowing roots to grow deep and break up all the concrete that keeps us separated from one an#other. With friends like this i trust that i can continue diving deep into the nether regions of the soul and not entirely fuck out when i find it’s dark in there. With friends like this i know i can let go sometimes, surrender, drift, allow what has to happen to happen and know, from the heart-place, that we’ve got each other’s backs and hearts and pineal glands all just hangin out in one big cup of warm hands. It’s like one big platonic orgy over here right now. Much love, much respect, much growth, much divine healing in the footpaths of life. With friends like these i don’t need to run away to the mountains. With friends like these i can more easily accept that life is just one big fluffy joke f[ull of]art. Friends be bangin. Try not to forget that. Give your mate a hug, yep yep yep.

art art art

the so-called medical dis#ease we call de-pression, actual , is a consequence of sup-pression and re-pression of ex-pression. it seems obvious now, and anti-de-pressant, a double negative, feels like double Bullshit more than it already was. by making us feel less, we know less how to express our pain, how to move into freedom from moods and over-re-action, another doubs neg

if that was obvious before etymology: depress, “to press down”; suppress, “to be burdensome;
put down by force or authority”; repress, “to check, restrain; hold back, curb” your enthusiasm to express, “represent in visual arts; put into words,” from Old French espresser, “press, squeeze [one] out; speak one’s mind”

to be depressed is to feel your enthusiasm has been curbed by either internal or external  forces, that is all. expression displaces all of the above, so the only thing for it is to squeeze one out – go on, do a big fart. i double dare ya