Flux combing is combing the flux until you find something you can identify with for long enough to not feel entirely adrift on a planet spinning so fast through a cosmos so random there is no chance of ever not having messy hair because one moment you’ve run a comb through it and the next moment CHANGE.

A flux comb is for when your hair gets messy from when the world spins too fast and you can’t find your comb—anything that helps you feel a sense of order among the chaos.

Flux Comb is a personal blog about addiction, depression, anxiety and the path to wellbeing through books, bicycles, gardening and sundry.

About Me

• sannyasin • cyclist • gardener • rogue • poet • artist • lover • dreamer

I was born Ryan Paine in mid-80s Australian suburbia, and in 2014 i took the sannyasin name Swami Bodhi Abhijan. During my 20s i worked as a book editor in literary publishing between Adelaide and Melbourne. I got tired of the urban grind of the careerist and of Western culture generally, and as my passion for career waned in direct proportion to how little i could tolerate the ego-politics of the literary-art world, i bailed and travelled overseas awhile.

I am in pursuit of a new paradigm, a progressive lifestyle alternative to what we’re offered in mainstream Western society. I am lost. But i am searching for a way.

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