so-so good

Monday 1 February

I woke up in my new place this morning and there was sun shining through the window and James Brown came to mind:

I didn’t score yesterday, so i haven’t smoked for about twenty-four hours and already the self-esteem and -respect has come back with a wallop. I broke a habit by having a food breakfast instead of my standard Greek breakfast of coffee and a jazz cigarette.

Who knows if it will stick, but i’m feeling that when i feel like scoring i might remember that i feel better when i’m … der … not stoned out of my brain.


3 thoughts on “so-so good

  1. You call it a Greek breakfast, but we call it a French breakfast – espresso and 2 cigs 😉

    Have to say though, I would admittedly pick smoking weed or over tobacco for breakfast… namely because I dislike the taste of cigs…

    But good on you for **feeling** again – it’s evaded me a while, ha!

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