i [used to] put myself down
for a nap (
Billy was there,
curled at my feet)
and a dream en#sued:

use#less converse
in some drive
way some where,
thank fully
by Massive manifesting
on his feet

some kid trying to[o hard]
so i stood
and raised my
voice some what:

“Hey, get off my fucking bike
you gimp.”

you were there then,
giggling by my side,
and a waking en#sued:
had i said that allowed?,
in bed

so in the dream i raised
one eye,
and in the bed i raised
one eye,
chuckling by your side

that was enough for me:
a power nap
for a power couple;
such dreams cant not
be powmed;
such dreamboats cant not
be sailed

now i put myself down for naps,
and you are there
giggling by my side,
our dreams ensuing


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