demise is immanent

demise is immanent


9 thoughts on “demise is immanent

      • I don’t know what i believe — i guess it’s a matter of temporal perspective, whether it’s imminent or not. But i meant immanent, with an ‘a’ — it kind of means inherent, as in “life is death”, sort of thing.

      • What did you come up with? It’s an interesting meditation object.

        The outback is doing me wonders — i harvested a tonne of basil today, and now i’m drinking basil tea because i read it’s good for gas *and* anxiety! Double-whammy!

      • Didn’t get the chance! Travel to Wales over Easter – love it here 🙂 basil is pretty awesome, but never had it as tea… wait does it make you fart or make farting easier, or both?! Anxiety? Really? I’ll be feeding a few friends whole plants if that’s the case…!!

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