4 thoughts on “individuality vs. personality and respectability

  1. Tim thought he would mind-travel and quite rightly saw his opportunity. Sometimes you have to be strong not to give a shit. To be so concerned about being liked and accepted, however we all cow-down to that, in the end you fly-off because the values of accepted and liked are not intrinsically real to the mind; they ought to be just assumed. It’s like saying to someone, “here’s you pair of legs”, but don’t use them to walk or run, they are meant to be crossed when you sit down only, and only with certain people. Ultimately the values of Plato’s Republic will kick-in, and they manifest so differently with everyone. If a girl is just going to play hard to get and protect herself all the time, it becomes very difficult to take it seriously on that level.

    • Right on Banjo! The behaviour we assume to be accepted is Bullshit – a lie we tell to others and, worse, to ourselves. There is a lot of pressure to behave this way, so yeah it takes courage to break free from it. But i feel it’s worth it – worth it in a way that most other things are promised to be worth something, but being ourselves actually delivers on the promise. Fuck everything else – we must cull the dead wood of our conditioning to grow and renew. And then all the girls will like us and we will have lots of platonic sex (if that’s a thing) and we can sow lots of our seed and populate the world with a village atmosphere once again!

      I’m glad you came over to check out Flux Comb. I have a lot of fun here – let’s play. And i like what you’re doing over there at your test blog. I’ll be following you. You might be interested in this thing i wrote about intimacy: http://fluxcomb.com/2015/03/19/intimacy-a-freakshow-of-beautiful-wonky-people/.

      Peace xo

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