sobriety milestone

I don’t want to wait until this clicks over to 21 days before sharing this:

yabba dabba doo!

yabba dabba doo!


3 thoughts on “sobriety milestone

  1. Missions… but seriously, good luck!

    Oh, I bought the book, by the way, and started reading last night – took me a bit of time to get into the lingo, but I like where it’s going so far, so thank you. Peace.

    • Thanks for the well wishes, and wow!, i’m well chuffed that you went out and bought the book. Please keep in touch with your thoughts on it. I don’t remember it so well by now, so any refreshers will be much appreciated. And i have this thing brewing about literary-art therapy, and this is the second time in recent days that someone has bought a book on my recommendation, so maybe the whole thing is sprouting beyond my control, yes yes yes! Thank you too, and peace peace peace back athcha! xo

      • I don’t know if I believe in consequences, so when someone tells me that there is a book I should read, with which I share the same title as my blog, and because it has reminded that person of something I’ve written… well, I’m sure you get my point! Art therapy works, so does literary therapy – why not together?! I do both in my spare time, when I find some… lol x

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