Because i’m a cyclist, i will forgive you for thinking this is going to be a whinge post. Titled like that — just: drivers, like all my fellow cyclists will just understand i had a dodgy encounter with a driver today.

Well, today a driver hailed me as i shot through Koondrook on the way to some open roads where i could open up my legs and lungs. First i looked around like a guy who can’t believe the beautiful girl is waving at him. And then i stopped because i thought he might be in trouble — i hadn’t got as far as wondering what i was going to do if he was.

He wasn’t in trouble. He just wanted to chat. He’s a cyclist himself and has been looking to meet other cyclists.

This bloke, an Aussie fella who repairs windshields for a living, must have seen me coming, pulled over onto the shoulder, and hopped out of his car just to hail me down for a chat.

What a legend.

So a bunch of his crew are riding out from the clock tower on Saturday morning at 8:30, which is perfect because i’ve been planning on hitting the road from Barham tomorrow anyway — i’ll camp outside Kerang for the night, and get up ripe and early to go riding with some local crew.



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