introducing Adventures in Sobriety

my face - happy, no?

my face – happy, no?

This is my face. In Turkey. It was around this time that i stepped onto the slippery slop that eventually became the spiral that fell into the despair of a three-month long rum and pot binge. I am only now beginning to face up to the fact i have some rather serious addiction issues. See me! Quite the happy chappy, apparently. Well, looks can be deceiving. Please be aware that your friends might not be as happy as they appear, and be gentle. I started this series of posts called Adventures in Sobriety, but then i got high. But then i got clean again.

It is from this place of sobriety + self-love that i begin to share my journey into sobriety and well-being with you, my beloved friends. I have a lot more of this in my journal, which I will type and publish when I feel able to do so. Thank you for all your love and patience over the years. I’m getting better through self-healing, and I love you all.

*weeps with relief*


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