bicycles = freedom

photo 2

I must’ve cycled 70 k today, double my previous best of 35, and weighed down with some 15 kg of gear. Massive handled well and with our granny gear we chewed up hills. On the way home i collected and fitted the front rack and centre kickstand, so now i’m finally equipped for some serious long-haul riding. Straddie tomorrow—not so long haul, but a chance to pitch Mr Glitter near some aqua-marine cennet, though it may be over-run by long weekenders escaping the G20 in Brisbane.

For two years i’ve been working on this, and now i’m finally ready as i’ll ever be. For now i’m just going to sit here and marvel some more at this machine with capacity to carry myself and all survival essentials into territory like the Birdsville Track, home to camel trucks and not much else.

I am more attached to this collection of objects than anything else in my life—for the nine months i was away in Turkey and Greece i missed Massive more than anything or anyone. I struggled with this for a while, until i realised that what i’m attached to is not the objects, but the freedom they afford me. Some of my friends tease me about the teenage scrawl i have on my bag about bicycles equalling freedom, but really that’s how i feel about them.


Just today, on my first little day trip, i was visited by this little critter, the iconic blue-tongue lizard. He climbed into my shoe and tried to jump on the bench from the top of my helmet. Larry the Leaping Lizard, local scavenger of Toohey Remnant Forest.

photo 1

It’s access to experiences like these that i’m attached to—the objects just get me there.


2 thoughts on “bicycles = freedom

  1. You’re right—i would have to know it was going to a very good home if i were to sell it 🙂 … of course it is worth nothing apart from its sentimental value. But i would gift it to the right person—the way it’s looking, it won’t fit on my touring rig anyway, so it may just lay mouldering in storage during my next adventure. Where is your neighbourhood? The whole world?

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