peeking into shadow work

I am profoundly excited about the prospect i have encountered of entering into shadow work at last. I encountered this term a while ago through a seeker friend and i find it interesting now that i guess i kind of ignored it, but more recently i have also encountered some powerful practices that can take us into our shadow safely, and out the other side into light.

I am now cautiously beginning to research psychology in my haphazard way, and i am newly curious about how i can take such intellectual understanding into meditation in the hope that i can more directly experience these psychological phenomena described by the likes of Jung and Freud.

I don’t want to just learn about psychology—i want to plumb the depths of my own psychology, my ego structure and the other mechanisms of the mind that can hold us in this state of separation from our being,

because it seems clear to me now that only the light of awareness can displace the shadow.

Wow, just writing this brings to my eyes those tears of opening to the divine, those tears that mingle sadness with joy and come from the feeling you’re on the right track, yeah!

2 thoughts on “peeking into shadow work

  1. Nice swami bodhi. I wonder though if the shadow is ever displaced. Perhaps integrated, or understood. But, even in the most enlightened, it’s always there. Makes sense really: there is light, we are possessed of the great being, and we cast a shadow as a result of our limited selves meeting with that great being. Or something….I think Jung says it better, and John’s Gospel!

    • Perhaps you’re right, and maybe ‘displaced’ is not the best term. Integrated, yes, and understood, yes … i’m just happy that i’ve seen it at all. Can you link me to something about how this relates to John’s Gospel? It’s always good to have a multi-faith perspective on these things.

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