seahorse tailI had a curious experience just now, where i put my hand into my pocket looking for a lighter and looking at the seemingly petrified seahorse tail i found in the campground, and i found the rubber cushion of the headphones i had found in my ear canal earlier this morning.

Apart from finding all the things i was not looking for, including a seahorse tail on dry land so many kilometres from the sea, the curious thing was that i responded to the squishy sensation of the headphone cushion i was touching with a revulsion that was meant for the searhose tail i was looking at.

I was holding a squishy non-gross thing and looking at a petrified gross thing and feeling ewww for the non-gross thing.

So the headphone cushion was in my ear canal because i had gone to sleep listening to Drop Dead Fred on my computer with my headphones in. I found the cushion in my ear on the way to breakfast, put it in my pocket and forgot about it.

And i found the seahorse near my tent, whole one day and then half-eaten by ants the next.

What i’m interested in knowing is: what’s the deal with finding a seahorse so far from the sea? and what is this phenomenon i experienced where my senses got confused and my repulsion was felt directed at the wrong object?


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