‘The Laughing Heart’, by Charles Bukowski

A rare optimistic poem by Bukowski, rendered as a delightful short film and below that, as a poster. Osho would approve of this.

Actually i don’t believe this was written by Bukowski – i suspect i am the victim of a cruel hoax, in which whiskey will be replaced with lemon juice and cigarettes replaced with dummies.


Laughing Heart by Charles Bukowski

3 thoughts on “‘The Laughing Heart’, by Charles Bukowski

  1. I love this poem, I’ve even memorized it! But, wondering if you can help me track down what that SBTX symbol is in the corner of the poem? Just curious.

  2. Now i am curious too. Is that symbol in the video? I can’t see the full post from here, inside a phone. I am impressed that you memorised this. I can’t even remember my welfare number!

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