My Open Letter to Dad on The Good Men Project

I am very pleased to announce The Good Men Project have published my open letter to Dad, which i originally published here.

The Good Men Project is a fantastic website full of regular content about what is obvious from the title – they are having “the conversation no one else is having”, and they are doing so by exploring a very interesting contributor-evangelist system:

much of the content is written by readers (for free in exchange for access to their considerable audience and promotion mechanisms), who then obviously go and tell their whole network of family and friends about it.

Check it out – it feels wonderful to have found a community of earnest men (and women) who want to just chat about how to live well as a male in the twenty-first century.


6 thoughts on “My Open Letter to Dad on The Good Men Project

  1. What sort of ‘all loving’ person writes something like this on an open forum about their father? I will tell you. An egotistical narcicist. It’s about time you took responsibility for your own life & actions. You have alot of growing up to do. PS you should brush up on your editing skills, malevolent martyr is grammatically nonsensical & displays poor word placement in the sentence context.

    • This letter has obviously struck a nerve with you. If you have seen “egotistical narcissism” in this letter i hope you will take a look inside and see where that is coming from.

  2. Congrats on being published on The Good Men Project, which is now a new favourite site of mine! You’ve written an inspiring article that really speaks to me. I can empathize with a lot of the points being made here. Having an absent father in my life (or not in my life), I’ve also been able to turn that around into a positive outcome. Living a positive lifestyle. Carving my own path and sculpting my own sculptures. Thanks for the positivity!

  3. Thanks for the comment Ryan, I’m really glad the letter touched you. The absence of fathers in our culture is certainly something that needs to be addressed … but how!? Making wingmen out of other brothers is a good start. I hope to see you in Thailand sometime this year. Keep on keepin it cartwheel!

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