Street-side Meditation

So at the end of the day I briefly met up with a guy I sort of know and really like called F and we did a five-minute meditation, he and I and his friend Tanya, on this inner-east-end street, this street nearby a swanky private school near where I used to work, on the same corner where a woman and I once accidentally and simultaneously said to each other, “I love you”, which turned out not to be true,

but this meditation was really nice and it was just what I needed after such a hectic day.

I was so over-stimulated and inspired I couldn’t think straight – no, I couldn’t even get started thinking, let alone keep it linear: myriad thoughts were popping in on me from all the things that C and I had discussed and all the things I’d heard at the bike shop, and keeping one eye on the road while the other probed around inside for mental direction was hard enough.

We sat down for just five minutes or so and he said a few nice things about allowing experience to just flow through you like somehow he knew just what I needed to hear, or maybe he was saying them because he was in a similarly flighty state, having been running around doing his guru thing while he was here from inter-state.

Either way, it was five minutes of space that I really needed – in this space I was able to allow myself to feel that whatever will be will be, and that no amount of squinting was going to pop out some grand insight I could use to comb the flux.

This is new to me, this having a friend who calls you up and you’re both in town, one on either side of the botanical gardens, so you boot around to a random street nearby and do a five-minute meditation because he’s back in the state for the weekend and you connected those few times you met and this is what he does. He’s kind of a renegade meditation teacher and a promoter of positivity,

and I feel really blessed that we both exploited the opportunity to briefly connect, especially because I’ve been thinking about him a bit these last few days, and how when we first met I wasn’t really in a place to be taking on new relationships and then he moved interstate and that was a shame,

but he’s one of those rare people who feel real enough to me that I can connect with them briefly and it’s more meaningful than with some people I have had to spend a lot of time with and still not learnt a single thing about, and much less about our shared human condition.

We were going to meet up for breakfast tomorrow if I get to bed in time, which constitutes another segue because after breakfast we’re going to check out a solar-powered car exhibition which I think I nearly stumbled across today, and from there some of his friends are riding to local national park, where there is a waterfall I’ve been meaning to ride to for some time because it holds a special place for my inner child.

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